Box of 5 - Pivotell Pill Popper Tablet Blister Gun

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Many people find it difficult to pop tablets out of blister packs, and loading dossettes or pill dispenser trays can be tricky. This is a solution which makes it much easier and more accurate.


The Pivotell Pill Popper gun is an aid to push tablets easily and quickly from a blister pack.

Many people find it difficult to remove tablets out of blister packs, and popping them into the right section of a dossette or Pivotell automatic pill dispenser can be tricky. The Pivotell Pill Popper is a device which makes it easier to handle pills.

Place the transparent tube over the correct compartment of a dossette or Pivotell pill dispenser tray, and simply pop the tablet out of the blister packet making sure it enters the intended compartment via the tube.

  • Approved by the Swedish Rheumatism Association.
  • Adjustable opening for small or large pills.
  • Removable tube for very large tablets
  • Promotes good hygiene - no handling of tablets.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

Before using the product for the first time, clean in warm water or in a dishwasher (max 84 degrees C).

The Pivotell Pill Popper can be used for most types of blister tablet packaging. Where problems arise or if the foil is stubborn, or handling extremely fragile, or large or small tablets we advise users to work manually. Tablets which break up should be disposed of.

We cannot be held responsible for incorrect use of the pill popper or where dosage of medication is incorrect.

  • Additional Information: Weight 90g Length 20cm Width 2cm Height 12cm
  • Material - Recycled plastic
  • Dishwash at a max of 84 degrees C.
  • Withstands alcohol based cleaning.

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