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Pivotell Advance GSM dispenser meets Jointly

pivotell advance automatic pill dispenser

Get your pill dispenser alerts on the Jointly app.

Making sure that someone has taken their medication can be stressful, especially when you are supporting someone at a distance.

This new solution from Pivotell and Carers UK combines the latest technology in medication dispensers with the Jointly care coordination app to deliver reassurance and peace of mind to families.

Now you can link the Pivotell Advance GSM automatic pill dispenser with Carers UK's Jointly care coordination app and receive alert notifications when a dose is dispensed or missed, along with other alerts that may require action.

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Jointly by Carers UK available on the app store google play and

What is Jointly

Jointly app on a smartphone

Developed by Carers UK application designed to make caring for someone easier, less stressful and more organised by making communication and coordination between those who share the care as easy as a text message.

Jointly combines a number of key features in a single tool and helps keep everyone in the loop.


How does Jointly work?

With Jointly you can create a circle of care for the person you are looking after. Once you have set up your Jointly circle you can start using Jointly to organise care.

You can use it on your own or you can invite other people to join you and share the care.

Jointly works on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and on most modern web browsers (home computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.).



Key features


Simple, intuitive group communication
Communicate with everyone in your Jointly circle at the touch of a button! Simply post a message or upload an image.


Keep all your notes together - and never lose them again!
Create a health log or store bills using text or image entries.


Keep organised and on top of things by using tasks and task lists.
Simply create a task and assign it to any member of your Jointly circle, including yourself, and monitor its status.


Create date/time specific events and invite anyone in your circle.
You can also use the field provided to invite people outside your Jointly circle.


Profile Page
Store useful information about a person you are looking after and have it available to access any time at a click of a button!


Use Jointly's Medications feature to keep track of current and past medication of the person you are caring for.
You can also upload an image to quickly recognise a medicine.


Contacts List
Jointly allows you to store more useful contacts so that you can access their details anytime, anywhere!

Watch the video to find out more about how Jointly works

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