MemRabel 2

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The daily reminder for those with failing memory.


A helpful digital media player, MemRabel 2 can prompt the user what to do using familiar pictures, audio and video.

With 20 possible reminders, you can choose to personalise each one with photos and home video, or use one of the pre-loaded images and audio.

The alarms can be single use, daily, weekly, monthly, or annual.

  • To add personal photo, audio or video messages transfer the files onto a memory card and insert in the MemRabel2.
  • Then when programming the alarm messages choose your own files or any of the pre-loaded examples.
  • Personalised images and video could be helpful reminders, or just to make a loved one smile.
  • At the pre-programmed times the alarm sounds, before the message, image or video comes onto the screen.
  • Click here to hear one of the alarm sounds.

Personalised video

MemRabel 2

Personalised image


Use the pre-loaded reminders:

  • e.g. Alarm 1 - Every morning at 8am. "Time for a cup of tea"
  • e.g. Alarm 2 - Every lunchtime at 1pm. "Time to make lunch"
  • e.g. Alarm 3 - Every Friday - "Doctors today"
  • e.g. Alarm 4 - Single use - "Visitors coming today"
  • e.g. Alarm 5 - Every evening at 7.30pm - "Drink some water"

Or create personalised messages, for nicer things as well as daily tasks:

  • e.g. Alarm 1 - Every morning at 8am. "Morning Mum, make yourself a cup of tea."
  • e.g. Alarm 2 - Every lunchtime at 1pm. "Hi Mum, its time to take your lunch out of the fridge."
  • e.g. Alarm 3 - Every Friday - "The District Nurse will visit today."
  • e.g. Alarm 4 - Single use - "Happy Birthday Granny!"
  • e.g. Alarm 5 - Every evening at 7.30pm - "Turn on the TV, it's time for your programme."


  • Overall dimensions: 8¾" x 7"
  • Screen Size 6¾" x 4¾"
  • Resolution 1080/720
  • Internal storage 2Gb
  • Memory Card not included
  • Picture formats JPG,BMP, PNG, GIF
  • Audio Formats MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, AAC, WAV, FLAC
  • Video Formats RM, RMVB, AVI, MP4, MOV, VOB, PMP, FLV
  • Interfaces Standard USB, Mini USB, 3-IN-1 Card Slot SD/MMC/MS
  • A/C Adapter Included (3M connector lead)
  • Playback of external media via SD card & USB Flash Drive
  • Remote control included

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