Antimicrobial Protection

New Pivotell Advance and Mk3/11 dispensers now incorporate BioCote, a premium silver ion technology that is introduced during the manufacturing stage to provide the ultimate protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria, mould and even viruses.

BioCote technology makes the dispenser inherently more hygienic and addresses a recognised problem within carousel medication delivery: cross contamination. Crucially, the devices are now easier to keep hygienically clean for the patients, their family and visiting carers, plus pharmacists and their staff who are all regularly handling the device.  

The new dispensers have demonstrated reductions of over 99.9%, and set the bar even higher for the medication management market.

antimicrobial protection

BioCote's leading edge technology significantly decreases microbes including E.coli and MRSA in just 15 minutes, with reductions of up to 99.5% achieved in 2 hours. It works continuously for the lifetime of the dispenser, protecting against all bacteria, mould and some viruses.

What is a microbe?

A microbe is an organism so small you need a microscope to see it. They are the oldest form of life on earth and include bacteria, mould, viruses and others.

What does antimicrobial mean?

antimicrobial - Pronunciation [an-tee-mahy-kroh-bee-uh l] Medicine/Medical, Pharmacology

 ‘Antimicrobial’ describes something that can resist the growth of microbes, including bacteria & mould.

Antimicrobial reductions over 2 hours

How well does BioCote® antimicrobial protection work? 

  • BioCote® protection is permanent, it provides built in protection for the expected lifetime of the dispenser.

  • BioCote® provides continuous, around the clock protection against microbial colonisation.

  • BioCote® has been proven to reduce the number of bacteria on a protected product by as much as 80% in 15 minutes and 99.5% in just 2 hours.

  • BioCote® has been proven to reduce the presence of microbes on a protected product by up to 99.99%

  • BioCote® additives or products containing them do not cause antibiotic resistant bacteria. 


Our dispensers are independently tested four times each year to meet ISO 22196: 2011.   

View the latest test certificate here: Careousel automatic pill dispenser test certificates

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