Customer Testimonials

We always appreciate Customer Feedback.  Here are some of the testimonials we have received either by email, or Customer Feedback forms:



"I can't speak highly enough about this product. It has kept me sane and allowed my 90 year old mother to continue to live in her own home without me visitingher everyday to make sure she has taken her medication.  It is also reassuring to know that during the day, if she ahd a fall or accident, I would get a text alert that she had not dispensed her medication and I then phone to check she is ok.  Mum treats the Pivotell® machine like a little friend that calls her then thanks her for pulling the lever on the stand.  It is important to get a Pivotell® machine as soon as confusion starts when additional tablets are pescribed with dementia so that the patient is able to get used to why the machineis buzzing and it then becomes a regular habit."

Customer Feedback Form, March 2012 regarding Pivotell® Plus Dispenser and Dispenser Tipper.


"The Dispenser is very useful and user friendly. I have mentioned it to 2 GP's and the Manager of Sheltered Accomodation and Age UK. No one seemed aware of it! Although it is costly, the cost would soon be covered by daily carers! It has given my elderly mother back her 'independence' in taking her medication and should be more widely advertised in the UK.

Maybe the problem is setting it up. My husband is very capable on the internet but many elderly people have non one who could help. Perhaps Pivotell® could think about ofering this service to those who need help?"

Customer Feedback Form, 12th April 2012 regarding Pivotell® Mk 3/11 Dispenser.


 Minifone"Thanks for the loan and opportunity for us to be able to trial the equipment.  The main reason for our interest was to reduce no response activations, where a pendant has been pressed and the customer is out of ear shot of the unit.  These result in a visit from a keyholder or emergency warden.  The Minifone was excellent in these trials and provided clear 2 way conversations, even when tested in our carpark!

As we provide individual Telecare solutions to the general public we will be happy to recommend the Minifone to our customers where we feel it will benefit them."

Steven McKiernan, Telecare Services Manager, Progress Housing Group, January 2012.


"I just wanted to say Thank You for a very quick service - and for such a useful product.  I was looking for a pillbox that would remind me to take my lunchtime meds if I am out, so needed something small enough to put in my pocket or bag.  This is ideal (and quite loud, so it won't be ignored!).  I was also pleased that all necessary batteries are included.  Once again, thank you very much."

Customer Catherine Gallimore regarding her Minitell Dispenser, December 2011.

  Pill Dispenser

"Thank you very very much, I am so shocked at the customer service you offer! I wish that more people could have the dispenser as it is a life saver I would gladly do a letter explaining how your box could have saved my life:

I am on Zomorph and take 300mg twice a day so a very dangerous dose, before I had the box I used to set my alarm for 07.00 and I took my medication, I must have pressed the snooze button  I took my meds and then went back to sleep, soon after I had the alarm again and as I was in a confused state I took my meds again. I was lucky to wake up again soon after and remembered what I did so made myself sick, but since then I have had the box and not had a problem, so thanks very much for your box."

Customer Chris Monks regarding his Pivotell MK 3/11 Dispenser, December 2011.


 "I want to thank you most sincerely for your help with my mother’s tablet dispenser. Hopefully, now you have “put a screw in it!” she will not decide to get something to prise the back off to get to the batteries. It would be just like her - then where would I be.

It’s very rare that a company would be so kind and helpful to their customers. Well done."

Customer Elizabeth Jarvis, regarding her mother's Pivotell® Mk 3/11 Dispenser, February 2011.


"We have had our Pivotell® Dispenser for several years and it has given sterling service. Unfortunately, my father died last week, at the age of 90, so I can't see us needing it in the foreseeable future.
I would not like it to be just put in a cupboard and forgotten:- if I can't soon find somebody who could make use of it, would you like it back to either offer as a loan unit, or even to give to somebody who needs one?

If that isn't quite your sort of thing, do you know of a charity or other organisation who could make use of it?"

Andy Bradshaw, regarding his Father's Pivotell® Mk3/11 Dispenser, July 2011





"Just thanking you so much for giving up your time last Thursday to show Chris the options. The watch has been brilliant. He has been taking the medication on time but it has also structured his days as he has been getting up with the first vibration so has been working wonderfully."

Mrs J. M, regarding the Vibralite watch, July 2011.



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